Pastoral Philosophy: Motto : Mission, education, service

Motivation for multicultural ministry

I am a 1.5- generation Korean-Brazilian. I immigrated with
my family when I was in elementary school, and grew up in the Grot for 20
years. And growing up there, I always asked why Koreans and Latinos can't be
together? I thought that if we worked together, we can grow stronger. Even when
I came to the United States, that thought did not leave my mind. In 2016, I
decided to build a second-generation church and wrote an M.Div.
thesis/ministerial plan. Then, with the permission of the pastor and the
session, I started a multicultural ministry.

A multicultural ministry is a gathering of people from all
cultures to worship and serve together.

The Korean immigrant church is undergoing a generational
change — conflict arises often, and churches are being closed and rebuilt. At
this time, our Korean community and churches should not only think about
themselves, but open their hearts and stand up together with their neighbors.
We must acknowledge and respect our differences to form one Body of Christ.

I first started Spanish work(worship) at Sun Rising Church, but
I eventually want to accept and work with people from other culture. Black,
White, Asian, Hispanic…  We hope and pray
that all these people will worship, praise, and evangelize for God together and
become a ministry that awakens during the Last Times.

Currently, adult worship and Sunday school are offered in Korean,
English and Spanish.

The children must be nurtured as spiritual soldiers of
Christ. Whose roots lie in the preaching of the Word, prayer, evangelism, and
application of life.

In the future, I will create a children's evangelism class
and provide evangelism training from an early age, and I am preparing for a Joint-Korean
and Spanish language school.

I conclude this article with the hope that it will be a
ministry that brings joy to the Lord. Amen.

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